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Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM) is an identity and access management solution that can be used for synchronising identities and provisioning between multiple connected systems. MIM is the foundation for Azure AD Connects that synchronises between Active Directory and Azure Active Directory, but MIM can connect to multiple internal, business partner and cloud services. MIM Privileged Access Management (PAM) uses a bastion Active Directory environment to add protection to protected groups such as Domain Admins. When eligible administrators need elevated privileges, they request and have the access approved before being granted access. This prevents standing admin rights and reduces the impact of an administrator's credentials being compromised.

Azure AD Connect cloud sync is a new solution from Microsoft to provide many of the functions MIM would typically be used for, as a cloud service. It can sync across multiple forests with a lightweight on-premises agents and the sync logic performed and managed in the cloud.

The Azure AD Provisioning Service can perform outbound provisioning to third party SaaS services and inbound provisioning from popular Human Capital Management (HCM) applications like Successfactors and Workday.


  • Provisioning, synchronisation and lifecycle management of identities
  • Group management and provisioning
  • Privileged Access Management for Active Directory
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